Monday, July 11, 2011

If You're Nursing Or Pregnant

Walgreen's is a MUST for you this week for two reasons: nursing pads & teething gel. Obviously, by today's title post, you men should know that it's not a safe zone for you if you're squeamish about this stuff. Look away! Look away!

Evenflo breast pads are $4.99 with a $4 RR (Register Reward, a little coupon that is spit out of the machine when you pay) and Hyland Teething Gel is $5 with a $5 RR. Not to be confused with the teething tablets that were recalled and poisonous. There is a $1 off coupon on Hyland's website for the teething gel. You can save it to your computer to print later if you need more, or print off a few right away.

Transaction #1
Hyland's Teething Gel $5
- Hyland's Coupon    - $1
Total $4 + tax & $5 RR

Transaction #2
Evenflo Breast Pads $4.99
Laffy Taffy (or other small filler) $.15
- $5 RR
Total $.14 + tax

Transaction #3
Teething Gel $5
Laffy Taffy $.15
- $1 Coupon
- $4 RR
Total $.15 + tax

For these 3 transaction, you pay $4.29 plus tax. Awesome!

Repeat Transaction 2&3. You have to have a small cheap item because after the first transaction you're using a register reward and coupon for the teething gel (same # of items as # of coupons) and the nursing pads are a penny less than the Register Reward which won't allow you to do it.

Get the necessities!

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