Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bulk Cooking

The Hubby (J) is on an eating plan that is high protein and slow carbs.

*crickets chirping*

Yep. My reaction. That means beans, lean protein and vegetables. Egg whites, tuna, chicken, chicken, chicken...

To me that means lots of cooking for his special eating. He told me he wanted to keep it simple with the same meals during the day for the entire week. Chicken and beans. Well, I can do that! So on Sunday I cooked a whole chicken, a pot of pinto beans and put the leftovers in containers for him to take to work. Monday morning, I cooked enough eggs for the next 5 mornings of breakfast for him.

It has helped immensely! I'm no longer rushing to cook 2 batches of eggs. I'm not flustered looking for enough protein and beans for him to take to work. And he doesn't have to worry about it either.

A win win in my book.

Eating plans are not easy. Especially when they are specific. But in a family setting, you still can do it! Find a meal or two that work and eat that every day. Cook it all in one day for the week and then don't worry about it!  Eventually J will go back to more normal eating, but while he's on this program I'll do my best to help him.

Unlike he does for me when I'm training for a half marathon and wanting to drop a couple of pounds of fat and he brings me home 2 cookies that are probably 20 grams of fat each but they are my absolute favorite and he knows I can't resist them. But that's for another post.

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