Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ordering Pizza

Sometimes, life gets hectic. On those hectic days, I will (with open arms and a full heart) welcome when the hubbs wants to order pizza or pick up burgers.

Even if it isn't in the budget.

I know....shameful. To proclaim "Budgets are the BEST" from the mountain tops and then do something outside of the budget. I'm only human!!!

But when we do order or pick up take out, I still try to be smart.

Papa John's is just 3 minutes from our house. Annnnnnnd they're my favorite. So I went to order from them and had in the cart a large pizza for $11 and cheesebread for $5. I went to (of course) to see if they had a code to use and they did. 25% off.

But only on regular priced items. My large pizza was a special.

So I put the same pizza in my cart without the sale price, put the next size of cheesebread in my cart ($7) and used the coupon. Same price, bigger cheesebread.

I love it!!!

I always try and keep any coupons for restaurants in my car. If we're out and it gets too late to make it home and make dinner, I whip those bad boys out. I try and keep our eating out to less than $20 each time.

Until my kids become teenagers. Heaven help me!

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