Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free Movie From Redbox

The first time we used Redbox was about 3 years ago. My family lives in Iowa, and we were on the way up to visit them when we saw one at a McDonald's. The concept was amazing! It was a great idea for traveling, since we could return it in Iowa and it kept our movie selection fresh for the kiddos.

Years later, I still enjoy renting from Redbox. Unless the movie that needs to be returned falls into the deep recesses of my purse where it gets lost for days and we end of paying crazy money for it.

That just happened this week actually.

Today only, May 12th, Redbox is offering a free rental code on it's Facebook page. Simply 'Like' them on Facebook, then click the 'Get My Code' button. I have mine sent to as a text to my phone. Way easier.

So tonight I'll enjoy a movie while my honey is gone to a techy world that I have no understanding of. He's in Minneapolis where I told him to visit Mall of America. I was shocked he said no! They do have roller coasters!

Enjoy your movie! But remember to take it back...

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