Friday, May 13, 2011

Saving Gas Moolah

I have an app on my Blackberry called Foursquare. You check into various places, some that offer coupons or deals. Well I happen to be the Mayor of my daughter's school (on Foursquare of course) and that keeps me checking in. I like to be in charge, hehe.
Yesterday my car was running extremely low on gas. My mom would have a fit. She tells me to gas up as soon as it hits 1/4 tank. It rarely goes below E. I had plenty left, but knew I'd need it quite soon. As I was keeping my position as 'Mayor', I noticed in the nearby places Murphy USA had a deal. I clicked for more information, and it said I got $2 off a $20 or more gasoline purchase.

Score! That's a 10% increase! 

Guess where I got my gas...

I hope your Friday is amazing, and your weekend full of fun! My hubby is still up north which means my kittens and I will be keeping busy. I thought about taking them to see a movie at the dollar theater tomorrow, but the only kid's movie playing is Gnomeo & Juliet.

Have I mentioned that I have a serious fear factor thing with garden gnomes? Maybe I can put on my big girl boots for their sake...Seriously though, I don't use Travelocity's website because of the garden gnome. Heebee geebees.

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