Friday, December 2, 2011

Gosh, Where To Begin

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!!!

Yes, I know I'm over a week late. It seems to be my theme lately. I'm late. I'm also somewhat disorganized.

Which is precisely why I'll be making my binder soon. I'm on the leadership team for the MOPS group in my city. We meet every other week at the host church and it's a time of refreshing for moms of preschoolers. Our children are well cared for while we are well fed spiritually, mentally and physically. So recently one speaker talked about her binder. Pretty much it's where she puts her life! All the important papers go in it. The planning for the week and month and even year are inside. Piles are diminished. It's a beautiful thing that I'm going to strive to complete soon. 

What have I been up to over the months? Well the most recent accomplishment was finishing my half marathon. Woo-hoo!
This is Brittney and I. It was our first half marathon. I absolutely loved it and will most definitely be doing it again!!!! I have a time to beat after all! The half marathon was Sunday before we left on Tuesday to Iowa for Thanksgiving. It was an insane week.

But never fear. I and my insane life have somewhat returned!!! 

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