Friday, December 30, 2011

Retail Me Not Strikes Again!

I ran my first half marathon in November. It was brutal but AMAZING!!!! I absolutely loved the entire experience and plan on doing another one in May.

The downside to running so much is that my shoes wear out quickly. Logging 20+ miles a week will do that! I don't like to pay a whole lot for shoes, so I try to wait until they are on sale. I look for a long time and then pounce when I find what I want in the price range I want.

Two days ago I received an email from (I love NB shoes) about their clearance sale. I went to see what they have in my size and Ta-da *angels sing*! They had a pair of 1224's for $54.99. Regularly priced they are $139.99. That, is the kind of deal I love.

Fast forward to today. I go to check again (because I have my spending money now) and they are still available. I put them in my cart, begin checkout and think to myself  "I'll just check RetailMeNot to see what they have. Maybe there's a coupon code I can use." I found one! 10% off plus free shipping.

$139.99 Regular Price
$54.99 Sale Price
-$5.50 (10%)
+$4.13 Tax
Free Shipping
$53.62 Total

Awesomeness!!! Take a minute or two before you check out to see if you can save some dollars. It is completely worth your time.

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