Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Three Little Kittens Update

A few months ago I posted about a new project I'm starting called The Three Little Kittens Project. The kids and I are going to collect new mittens and hats throughout the year. When it's Christmastime, we'll give them away!

Well it's Christmastime. And we gave them away.

My plan was to make a mitten tree out of wire. That plan was a bust. I needed something a little less yucky looking. So I waited until the Christmas decorations were out of the attic and my small trees were down.

Let's just say they didn't meet my standards.

This past Saturday, Victory (where Isabella goes to school) had a massive toy giveaway. They were asking for all ages and all kinds of new gifts for the kids. Isabella really wanted to give the mittens and hats to the toy drive. I know the kids that this drive would reach out to, so I was absolutely on board.

In all, we had 14 pair of mittens and 4 hats!!!! They were all sizes from newborn on up. It was excited to watch the kids pick up a pair of mittens when we were out and wonder why we only bought one and who would get it.

A humongous thanks to Becca of Crumbs and Chaos for sending me some hats and mittens!!!

Next year, I'm going for 25 pair of mittens and 10 hats. The kids and I have already decided to give it to the Tulsa Dream Center. It's an outreach of Victory that helps kids have a safe place to go, keeping them off the street. It's amazing.

Have a blessed day!!!!

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