Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adoption & A *Giveaway*

 Jon and I have often talked of adopting 1 or 2 little kids when our kids are a bit older. We've always felt like we would make great parents to lots of kids. Some days when my kids are at each others' throats I feel differently, but that desire always remains, simmering under the surface. Secretly, I look at little kids on the news that need parents and wonder if they're ours. Which leads me to my post today, that has nothing to do with saving money, but everything to do with giving it.

I have known Monica since high school. We had lots of classes together, but more importantly we were on the tennis team together. She is now happily married and living in Tennessee with her hubby Tommy and their adorable son (who is a minor and not my kiddo, so will remain nameless on my blog hehe). Currently they are walking through the journey of adoption. I so admire that. She's really doing it.

The cost is staggering in my mind. $30,000. But they are raising money all kinds of ways. They are selling t-shirts, African coffees, jewelry, homemade cards, brownies, candy, wristbands and more in their local community.Tommy is a teacher and coach. This is a picture of their shirt that you can buy for the amazingly low price of $10. All proceeds go towards their adoption.

Monica's blog is Six Million Minus One. It's all about this journey that they're on. The joys, the obstacles and the opportunities that people have to be a part of what they're doing. Check out and follow her blog. You will love it. Her heart is amazing, and the faith she and Tommy have in the Lord leading them through their journey is nothing short of inspiring.

And buy a t-shirt...maybe some earrings too ;)

Today I'm going to give away one of their t-shirts!!!! The winner will get to pick the size and color (pictured above). All you have to do to enter, leave a comment below. If you have an idea for fundraising, put it down. If you have words of encouragement, by all means! Or you can just put your favorite day of the week! I'm so excited for this giveaway. The winner will be announced Friday at Noon.


  1. That ROCKS, Carmen!!! You're so awesome to help support them in this way. And I love hearing your heart for adoption. <3

  2. I love it. Grace's brother has adopted a little girl from Ethiopia and in the process of adopting a boy! I think it's SO wonderful. As someone who was adopted, I would pray at night when I was little, thanking God for it. You seriously change someone's life! When you guys do adopt, the child/ren will be VERY blessed to have you two as parents!

    I've always wanted to adopt too...maybe a boy ;)

  3. My neighbor friend just got a call that they will be getting their 2nd adopted son end of August! She has had 2 kidney transplants and is a wonderful mother!! So excited for her family!!

  4. What a great post to raise awareness for these children! It's amazing to see people have such passion for adoption, as tahnee said my brother is in the process of adopting their second child from Ethiopia! Slash my brother and his wife have a ton of friends that have adopted in Tennessee, I wonder if they know your friends!

  5. Fundraising ideas to pass on:

    She can make an online shop to sell handmade earrings, cards, etc on Etsy. It's easy and has plenty of space to describe the mission they're on, share pics and sell "handmade only" products.

    Walk-a-thon, Bike-a-thon, or a formal race like a 5k or half-mar are awesome to raise money. Participants can collect donations per mile if they are into the cause, or it's easy to just charge an entrance fee like $25+ per runner. Connect with an association to let runners get points, or just put it in the paper & make it a big deal locally. Get school sports teams involved to run or volunteer.

    Summer = outdoor concerts. If they can't find anyone famous, make it a 'battle of the bands' for the locals. Easy way to make money, plus wannabe bands can get some exposure

    Last -a classmate raised enough $ to buy property for an orphanage in Uganda. One fundraiser was to set up a mock "village" on campus that showed living conditions for Ugandan kids and let people tour it. The girl & her friends sold jewelry, painted faces, had a drum circle, served food, and sold t-shirts all night. Wildly successful

  6. Carmen, I love your heart for helping others :) I pray blessings, provision and encouragement for this family in their journey to adopt a child.

  7. I can so see Jon and you with a big family!

    There is the flamingo flock fundraiser. Anyone in the community can pay to have someone's yard flocked with plastic pink flamingoes for a specific time frame and potential victims of this prank have the option of buying anti flamingo insurace to see to it that their yards don't get hit. Here is a website that better explains how it works: You can get smaller flamingoes at Dollar Tree right now that would work fine at less expense.