Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free Summer Fun

All throughout Tulsa and Jenks, there are splash pads. It's a wonderful thing, since the temps get over 100 degrees many days during summer. When it's that hot, even the oven baked wind can't cool you off. You need water. That's why I enjoy the splash pads so much.
This is actually a fountain.  The splash pads have more things than just water shooting up. My darlins' still love it. They like to kick it.
Lay on it.
Jump over it.
During the summer days, my swim bag goes with me in the car wherever we go. It's packed with suits, towels, sunscreen, goggles and floaties. I also like to take a snack and drinks whenever we leave the house. If we happen by a splash pad and we have time to spare, we are completely prepared. It's a great free activity!

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