Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Ode To Liana

Dear Lia
You are one cool girl.
When you were born, you rocked our world.
As time goes by, your beauty grows.
Your love for life and others shows.
Your eyes of blue convey everything you feel,
Although some feelings aren't true...
For you they are real.
Your fashion sense is all it's own.
Your falls are legendary in our home.
Your cuddles
 Your kisses
Your sweet playfulness,
Your cheezing,
Your dancing,
And your giggles are the best.
You're a princess now and forever,
 With a heart of gold so pure.
Of our love you can be certain,
Now and forevermore.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl! Today is truly a day to celebrate!!!


  1. My goodness they grow fast. Dont you just hate it?!! I told Alayna to stop growing, I dont like it. She said, "I can't!" lol Hope she had a great birthday and got some awesome goodies!! :)