Thursday, January 13, 2011

Clothing On A Budget

Because I have 3 kiddos, the majority of the clothing bought in our house is for them.
This is during Christmas at my parent's house last month.
Yes, he's too old for this and he knows it.
He wanted you to see his 'control car'. I hope you enjoyed it as much as he does. I was talking about....

Clothes. I love good quality clothes. Clothes that will last for more than one child. Like, say, Isabella and Liana. That is until Liana catches up to Isabella and has to have a wardrobe all her own. I think that will happen next winter.

Where do you find quality clothes for a budget price? My answer would be sales! Almost every store at the mall has latched onto 'Semi-Annual' sales. That's great for us, the consumer. The sale price is usually phenomenal, but you can be a savvy consumer and save even more. Take full advantage of the sales by adding coupons to the sale price.

I had my parents buy me a coat from Express for Christmas. They were running their Express cash promotion, which gave me $25 to spend later(you buy $50 and use the $25 certificate, you pay $25 cash). I knew my grandparents were giving me money for Christmas, so I figured I'd use some of it for that. I always find stuff I love at Express. When I was there using my Express cash, I noticed that it said not for use on clearance items. Well, their marked down items were considered clearance. Boo. But I asked an associate what I could not buy, and she told me if I had one full price item, then I could get anything else. I could've gotten a $6 lip balm, but I went for a cute pair of navy flats that I'd been wanting.

Ask an associate! Sometimes they look at you like you're crazy, sometimes they don't have extra sales going on, but it doesn't hurt to ask! The first time you feel like a dork, but you get over that when you realize you're being smart with your money.

If you have favorite stores, join their e-clubs and rewards programs. Some stores will send you coupons to your inbox, mailbox and by text. Maybe they give you a gift certificate on your birthday or child's birthday. Alot of the the reward programs count the dollars you spend as points towards a gift certificate for the store. You get rewarded for the money you would already spend there.

Go do a little research on your favorite stores. Find out what they have to offer.

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