Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yellow Bananas

One day Liana was shrieking with excitement to Isabella that we had yellow bananas. It was one of the funniest things I've seen in quite a while, and I thought to myself 'Only my kids would get excited about yellow bananas'.

Let me explain. We have a local grocery store named Reasor's that I simply love, for so many reasons. The workers are friendly, helpful and have great attitudes. The produce is better quality than a lot of chain grocery stores. They play uplifting Christian music. They have a bargain basket full of dented cans that can be quite a great deal  (sometimes they aren't so it helps to know the prices). Finally, because they sell these babies:

This entire bag is less than a dollar! A penny less to be exact.
In my opinion, these are yellow. Sure, they may have a few brown marks on the outside, but most are perfectly fine on the inside.

This bag of bananas will last us for a full week. Lunches, snacks, dessert; this 'original fast food' (as stated on the bag) can fill each of these with ease. And if we have some left over at the end of the week (by then pretty brown on the outside) I make banana bread.

And just because it makes me smile every time I add a photo:
Jon and Liana on a date right before Christmas. Makes my heart happy.

The moral of the story...I will not cave to buying green bananas! Even though I nearly bought green bananas just because I felt a little bad. I stood firm, though. There are good deals to be found even in the produce section.

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