Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Hidden Budget Buster...Presents

Oh the birthday party. Every kid wants to be invited; every kid wants to have a great present. Most parents don't have gifts stock piled for such occasions.

Today is one of those impromtu birthday present days. The first thought when you're having to buy a present is 'Stop by Target or Walmart'. While both are wonderful places to get great toys, unless they're on sale you won't get a bargain. So I skipped the first instinct, and went with a store that I had visited earlier in the week, Bed Bath & Beyond. I love this store. Plus they happen to have some major toy clearances going on. I try to keep it to $10 or less for friends' birthdays.

This is what we bought.

Regularly priced at $19.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond, we got it for $10.40 after tax by using a 20% off mailed coupon.

Look at the cool things you can do! Isabella was super excited about this present.

For $10 so was I.

Make a list of birthdays that you know for sure are coming up and go hit the stores for their toy clearances! Make yourself familiar with their coupon policy. I happened to ask the cashier if they took their expired coupons to which she replied 'Yes, if they are from the mail.' What?! Jackpot!!! Plus at BB&B, you can have one 20% coupon per item.

Go stock up! Where is your jackpot toy savings usually found?

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