Saturday, January 1, 2011

Get Your Tank On!!!!

I LOVE a fresh, new, clean and crisp white tank top. There is nothing like it. I am always on the hunt for a great tank top. I live in tank tops! Perhaps I am a bit picky when it comes to tank tops. There are specifics to what I want.

I want a tank top that is long. I have two Old Navy tank tops that barely cover my flat belly. I don't even wear them when it's enlarged from Christmas eating! Needless to say, they are not my favorite.

I have 3 tank tops that I bought from TJ Maxx. The white one is thin, the black one has stretch lace that is now looking raggedy after less than 6 months, and the other is maroon that is the same as the black one- size and all, but fits about 2 sizes smaller. Weird how that happens. Those are not my favorites.

My favorites may have found me over our Christmas vacation. My sister (ever trendy and fabulous) told me about a great deal in Wet Seal. Let me be clear...13 years ago in high school when I was about 15 pounds lighter and 3 kids less I didn't go to that store. Their clothes seemed entirely too small cut for my not so small body. It was with much hesitation that I even considered going. But I'm drawn to a new tank top like a fly to honey.

So I went with my brother (whose taste I nearly completely trust because he is fashionable himself) and his wife of a year and a half. I'm not too sure how to describe her fashion, she always credits my brother, but she always looks great. Back to Wet Seal.

I'M IN LOVE!!!!! These tank tops don't feel too thin. These tank tops aren't too short. These tank tops are just right.

The best part? They were 5 for $20!!!! At $4 a piece, even if they only hold up as long as my TJ Maxx tank tops, I've saved crazy money. Go get some!

A quick note, though. Wet Seal's return policy is only in store credit or exchange, so make sure you either try it on, or have many other things in mind you would exchange for.

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  1. LOL very cute! thanks for the props! Love those tanks myself! Don't forget the lady said they have that deal all year round!