Friday, February 18, 2011

Doubleshot Non Giveaway

I thought 'Wow, it would be so cool to give away 2 $5 Gift Cards to this local coffee shop that has great coffee'. So Jon and I brought our 2 kids to this coffee shop (I bought Jon a gift card to here for Valentine's Day) which he used and I bought the 2 gift cards. Here's a picture of my Americano.
Then Konnor went to the corner where there is a small chair and a little rug and a little box. Inside the box he found a vodka bottle. It still had a little vodka in it.


So Jon gave it to the baristas that thought it was pretty hilarious.


I'm glad that it's so funny to them.

So I decided I will not be giving away anything from there.


It's a moral issue.

Instead I'll give away 2 Starbucks gift cards for $5 each. My kids have never encountered a vodka bottle there.

So to enter, tell me something great, tell me your favorite drink!

*UPDATE* I'll draw the winner on Monday at noon! Happy Weekend!


  1. The cinnamon dolce latte at Starbucks is one of my faves...unless it's fall, then I'm a pumpkin spice lover!

  2. Hands down, Pumpkin Spice Latte is my fave. When it's not in season, though, I'll take the Americano morning, noon and night!

    And no, I don't count in the giveaway hehe. I just realized that I forgot to mention my favorite!

  3. americano with cream.
    bad show, afore-mentioned coffee shop

  4. I love the caramel macchiatos - extra caramel! It's so yummy! :) deeg131 at gmail dot com

  5. i love the light cinnamon dolce latte! keeps me going!

  6. Wow! Im SO sorry Carmen! :(
    My favorite drink is a white chocolate mocha :-D it makes me very happy!