Monday, February 21, 2011

"Four score and seven years ago..."

Abraham Lincoln was hands down my favorite president. What he stood for, what he came from and what he accomplished is amazing. I love me some Honest Abe!!!

Today is President's Day, which means Isabella doesn't have school. When we missed 5 days due to a blizzard earlier in the month, that wasn't a big deal. For some reason, probably only by God's grace, I had a fabulous time having her home. So much so that I started thinking about homeschooling her again.

I really love having my kids around. And watching them learn.

Today has not been like the blizzard.

I'm not huge on letting the kids play video and computer games and watch tv. I'm certainly ok with a little bit, but on days like today the temptation to let them do whatever they want all day is yelling in my face! If we had a family membership to the Jenks Aquarium I'd take them. But we don't. If it were warmer outside they'd play. It's not. So what can we do that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and is at home?

I think it's a question that lots of parents would like answered! Another question lots of parents would like answered is how do preschools do it?! Planning. They have curriculum, they have play ideas, they have the day structured and set up with activities. So maybe I need to plan a little more. That would mean that the stuff I want to get done will probably have to wait. For some reason, children like interaction. Especially when they're doing activities. Who knew?

Here are a few things to start us off this afternoon:
Color and Draw (crayons are under-rated!)
Make banana bread (the girls LOVE this, and the finished product)
Build a city with Konnor's blocks (they can each create their own buildings)
Cut pictures out of magazines and make a collage
Play with modeling clay

That should last us the rest of the afternoon. I have a feeling I need to restock my craft box!

Don't forget to enter my drawing! I'll be picking the winner tomorrow at noon! Have a wonderful President's Day!

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  1. I agree about kids keeping busy aside from video games and televisions. Always good to have activities that allow them to play creatively or books at hand for snows days and school days off! :) Love your list of activities!

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