Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Little Time For Me and Good Earth Tea

Dear Good Earth Tea,

I love you.

Love, Carmen

To make a short story long, in November Jon and I fasted coffee and sugar for a week. That was hard business! Over that week, though, we started drinking more tea. Celestial Seasoning's Sleepy Time at night and Stash Green Tea during the day. I wasn't a huge fan of the green tea.

Then a couple of weeks ago Jon came home with Good Earth Ginseng Green Tea in Citrus. That literally rocked my world! It's amazing! I didn't even ask how much he paid for it. I usually don't when he comes home with groceries. All I know is I now love it.

Well....we're down to 2 bags. That can present a problem. But God knows I love it, and provided me an awesome deal. I told you before about Reasor's clearance cart. It had a box of Good Earth Chai Tea in it for only $.75...for the box!
Sure it was dented on the side, and had a tear that they taped up, but it's still the maker of the tea I loved so I bought it right away!

Let me insert here that I am not a fan of chai tea. Today I made it and I loved it. How can that be? I don't want to ask too many questions, I'd rather just go with it.

So this afternoon, when the kids were down for quiet time and I was having time to myself to recoup my nerves (they get a bit frazzled some days), I enjoyed a $.04 cup of tea from a brand that is now my favorite.

Don't forget to check your store's clearance sections! You never know what great deals you will find.

(FYI, Good Earth Tea doesn't know me. They didn't sponsor this plug, it's just something I loved and a great deal I wanted to share. )


  1. Carmen, you crack me up!! :D I'm not a tea drinker, but you've made me want to try this brand! lol I love your posts

  2. Lol, it's even worse in my head than what I put online! You should totally try the Ginseng Green in Citrus. Really. I'll bring you a bag on Sunday! Aaaand, I'm glad your blog is back!!!!