Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeding Time at the Zoo

I have a limited number of children's bowls, therefore the kids sometimes use cups. Which isn't horrible. The only time I really care is when they break one.

Usually Jon and I do the breaking, though.

Even at that, I got a set of 13 with saucers from a garage sale for $ I don't really mind too much. Until we get down to only 3. Then I might be unhappy.

During the school week, I make some sort of eggs for breakfast. Today, though, was a cereal day. Liana thought Isabella didn't have school, because we have cereal on days when she doesn't. Really Mommy was just tired and trying to wake up and get Bug out the door on time with her lunch.

I try to buy cereal for extremely low prices. When I can get it, I usually get a lot. In fact, we are still eating Special K from this deal last month. Over the weekend someone gave us some Bran Flakes. By themselves, my children will never eat them. Add some raisins and we're in business.

I don't have raisins, though. So what do I do? Add it to the not the Almond Special K!

A little Bran Flakes, a little Almond Special K and the kids don't know the difference. Not only are they eating 'good' cereal (I would say healthy, but I don't know how healthy it really is) but the cereal they love will last longer. It's a win~win situation.

Don't try doing that with my chocolate. I will definitely know the difference.

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