Monday, February 28, 2011

Pepper in Some Flexibility

Sometimes, as much as you plan the day, it doesn't go like you had in mind. Not that it's a bad thing, necessarily. Friday was one of those days for me.

I blogged about JBF on Thursday. I had  to drop the clothes off on Friday (of course, the last day for drop off) which has also become Jon and I's coffee date morning with the kiddos. So there was 3 things on my radar...Drop off, Coffee & Run. What I did not have on my radar...Vehicle Maintenance Run, New Glasses, Mall & Dinner Out.

Sometimes life happens. Everything got done, and that is no small task!

When we're having a day like Friday, it's very hard to stay in budget. We actually ate out every meal, I am ashamed to say. While we had planned on eating breakfast out, we had not planned on the other two meals. So how did we do? Well, we spent about $15 for dinner and lunch.

It's not easy, for sure, maybe it was a little luck even. Lunch was Chick-fil-a spicy chicken biscuits for Jon and I, while the kids had those mini-chick things. Chick-fil-a had advertised the Spicy Chicken was free with purchase. That was a great deal! $6 for lunch for 4 people. Or 3 if you figure the kids between the 2 eat about as much as 1 of us.

Unless they're a bottomless pit that day. Very possible.

When we were home for 2 hours while I ran and the kids rested, I grabbed bananas, oranges and crackers for snack. The kids eat only a small snack, but that day a big one was going to be necessary. I knew that dinner would be pretty far away with phone and glasses needing to be picked up. So they were happy and full until 6:30 when we had another phone pick up after an impromptu mall run followed previous pick ups.

We were right by Sam's and I happened to have a gift card from my mother in law that we decided to use on dinner. Pizza or hotdogs. Neither choice is healthy, but since we eat fairly healthy on a regular basis I don't mind for the sake of convenience once in a while. Total for 5 hotdogs, 2 drinks and a churro...$9.00!

Flexibility certainly helps. But one thing that you need with flexibility, is awareness. Try to know what restaurants where you'll be are kid and budget friendly. Try to throw a few pieces of fruit into your purse or diaper bag, just in case. I try to keep a pack of crackers and bring a bottle of water in the van. You never know when plans will change on a whim!

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