Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Few Good Websites

There are so many websites out there with deals deals deals! When I first started looking online for deals and coupons, I was sucked into the vortex!

I'm sure that would never happen to you.

But I'll give you some of my favorite websites to visit, for everything from recipes to deal scenarios to traveling to shopping.

* Recipe Websites *
All Recipes- Why do I love it? Because I can search for recipes by ingredients. Ones I want and ones I don't. It's wonderful.

Crumbs and Chaos- This site belongs to my good friend along with her 3 sisters. Having 9 or 10 children between them, they have lots of food going on. In addition to recipes for food, they have creative activities for kids and everything to do with kids!

The Pioneer Woman- Ree Drummond has more than just amazing recipes. Her website has wonderful posts about her life on the ranch and travels across the US for her book tours. Sprinkle in posts about homeschooling and giveaways and you have a great site to visit! I personally am looking forward to her book signing here in Tulsa next month.

Bake at 350- I first saw this website in December on Pioneer Woman. Ree did a post about decorating sugar cookies. I am a dessert freak, so I looked into this website for cookies and icing recipes. I was not disappointed! I have visited many times for many different cookie recipes. It's a must!

* Deal Scenario Website *
A Full Cup- I did use a local website for a while. I found this website had more deals, though. Especially if you love to visit Walgreen's. It takes a little getting used to, but once you know your way around, you're golden.

Seize The Deal- Like Groupon, Seize the Deal offers a variety of deals for our area and many others.

Living Social- Again, like Groupon. One difference, though, is after you buy you'll get a link to share. If 3 of your friends buy the deal, then yours is free. That's pretty awesome!

* Travel *
Travel Hacker- It's not a 'find your flight' website. It's a 'get miles to get free flights and hotel nights' website. The lowest plan is $15 a month which equates to $180 a year. In return it promises to help you get 100,000 miles a year across a number of frequent flyer/stayer programs. If you're going to fly at least once a year, it is worth it. Try it out for 14 days for $1. We are currently working on accumulating miles for an overseas trip.

* Shopping *
RetailMeNot- I've done a post about RetailMeNot here which outlines why I love it and how I use it.

These are my main lookers. I like to visit them every so often. Maybe more than every so often hehe!

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