Thursday, February 17, 2011


We have a lot of chocolate around our house right now. With Valentine's and a guy from our church handing out bags of Dove (5 to each family but somehow we ended up with over 10...) we have an abundance. This is wreaking havoc on my clothes! And my children.

Yesterday Liana snuck Isabella's candy that she received from school. Today the Sneaky Monster got ahold of Konnor. I asked him if he snuck chocolates.
He started counting for me how many. Notice the chocolate on the chin. I can't resist kissing those 'chicky's' as he calls them. He will have no more candy today.

I wanted to blog about Swagbucks today. I didn't include it in my websites post, because I felt it deserved a post of it's own.

I love Swagbucks! You accumulate points to redeem for prizes, or use in sweepstakes. That is where I got the $10 Starbuck's giftcard I gave away last month. For only 1300 swagbucks that baby was mine.

The Pros
- You can download the toolbar, so every day you open a new browser you get 1 Swagbuck

- You can accumulate 'bucks' fairly quickly by searching on the toolbar

- There are plenty of offers to try or short videos to watch that help you accumulate faster

-Sometimes the offer Swagbucks for buying the Groupon through them. Double Bonus!

The Cons
- My prize took almost 2 weeks to receive. Plan for that if you're redeeming for a birthday present or as a gift

- Sometimes the points you're supposed to get for videos don't register. However, they usually try to resolve it quickly for you

-Their referral program is not fantastic. You get the same amount of Swagbucks as the person you referred earns during a small period of time. It's not cut and dry like other programs. But on the plus side, there is opportunity to get a lot of bucks if your referral gets crackin quickly.

Check out the program. I love that I can earn for things I do already. If you don't like it then do as I do with programs I don't like...forget about them! I started many programs and ended up not doing anything with them. But this one, in my opinion is worth the 2 minute registration.

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