Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frozen Milk

Have you ever bought a lot of milk because it was on sale, only for it to go bad before you use it all? Me too. I hate wasting.

My mother in law told me that I can freeze milk.

I was very skeptical. How would it taste once it's thawed out? Wouldn't it be bad? Would it spoil while thawing? Nevertheless, I gave it a try.

It tastes the same! It wasn't bad and it didn't spoil! And another thing that I found...I loved to drink the milk when it was still a little frozen. Of course, I like to crunch ice too. But this seems so much better for my teeth!

A tip, though. If you're thawing out whole milk or 2%, make sure you shake it up every so often while it's defrosting. The thicker part thaws last and shaking it helps it to have an even consistency.

We don't use a whole lot of milk, so one gallon will go bad unless I'm making biscuits and gravy. I like to rinse out and use my most recent milk carton to freeze half of the gallon I buy.

What made me think of this? The crunchy milk in my cereal! There's really no rhyme or reason. Have a great Wednesday!

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