Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Vacation Deal

Yet again, I'm going to sing the praises of a little research.

I'm sure you read my post about the horseback riding lessons for the girls. Right? If not, we'll chat later. So the very same man (my awesome hubby) that found the great deal on the girls' horseback riding lessons, struck again!
Isabella riding Imp
Liana riding Zip
It was an hour of pure joy for the girls. Apart from every couple of minutes Isabella was distracted by something, and Liana kept saying 'Ew, gross. I see it's b**t' for the first 15 minutes. Oy vay!

Konnor was feeling a little left out, because he was too little to have a lesson. I was fine with that, he can't have everything! Plus he's not quite 4, and we all know you start to get everything you've ever wanted when you turn 4 (sarcasm noted). But this is spring break and our first 'family vacation', so we wanted to do something each child would love. The girls were easy, with their horse love lately. Konnor was actually easier, but more expensive.

This past year, Konnor has become quite the tall tale teller. He tells all kinds of stories about going to Mex-i-clo when he was a daddy, and how he used to be a daddy then grew to be a little boy. More recently stories about a cat scratching him on the next and his eyes breaking out. I could write a book from this boy! But one story that has always stayed true, is that he wants to go on a train trip with Daddy across the world.

There happens to be a train ride that lasts about an hour, in Chattanooga. Which, if you don't know, is about 30-45 minutes from where we are depending on what part you're going to. It was going to cost $24 for Jon and Konnor, which isn't bad. If all 5 of us were going...well all 5 of us probably wouldn't go. Then Jon goes and searches for a coupon code and found one that made Konnor's ticket free. That bumps the total down to $15.

I am doing my happy dance right now. I'm glad you can't see it.

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