Friday, March 25, 2011

The Final Chapter

So this is the end. It's a long last chapter too. So get comfortable and enjoy!

After leaving Tennessee, we headed up to Iowa for a surprise visit to my family. They were definitely surprised. Although, my brother asked my mom if she liked her surprise before she even got it, kicking her Nancy Drewness into overdrive. My sister apparently cannot lie, so she admitted to Mom that we were in fact there. Siblings.

Well there was a whole lot of good. My family and grandparents were totally excited. The kids got to spend lots of time with their grandparents and at the houses' of my grandparents. I think the highlight for the girls would've been the Chinese restaurant my dad took us to Thursday. All you can eat sushi. 2 plates each. My girls get their money's worth at Chinese restaurants! The next best thing, they saw a heifer being born. Well, on Isabella. Liana saw her about 5 minutes after she'd been born. They wanted to name her Princess and Keisha. We always love visiting family.

There wasn't any bad! There was only catastrophic, so I'll skip the bad.

I. Lost. My. Phone. How I cannot tell you. All I know, is I remember reading a text from my friend Laura Mae on Saturday after we got back from the farm and then I couldn't find it. It has all of the pictures and video from the girls riding their horses. It has so many pictures from our entire trip. And no, I didn't have them backed up. We left Sunday morning late because I was still desperately searching for it.

Then, about an hour and a half from our house, our truck broke down. Brilliant. What a day. Luckily we were able to make it off the interstate and the first restaurant was Pizza Hut. I'd been craving their breadsticks for the last 100 miles. God was taking care of my smallest desire. It was perfect. So we ate pizza and waited for our ride.

The icing on the cake came Tuesday when I got a text from my mom saying that my Grampsy was cancer free. It's not something I've shared freely, but he was diagnosed with it back in November. It's been an extremely tough road for the family, and was part of the decision to head up there last week. You have to enjoy the time you have left! So for him to have a scan and the doctor tell him there is no cancer in his body is a great feeling. God is awesome! And doctors are pretty cool too.

Our food total was *drumroll please* $162. Overbudget! Our meal while we were waiting actually was about $20 more than I would've spent at the grocery store on the way to the house for dinner, but whaddya do?! We are so glad to be home! I've been spring cleaning this week (ugh) and am ready for my long run (still training for my half marathon!) and enjoying time in the garden this weekend.


  1. That is awesome news about your grandpa!!

    And boo to your phone getting lost :( That happened to me once....just disappeared!! Like it got up and walked off! lol

  2. That's exactly what happened!!! I can't even fathom where it could be other than in my purse where I swear I put it!!!