Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Travel Challenge- $150 Food Budget

Gosh, I blinked and it was Wednesday!

Here we are gearing up for Spring Break. Because we live so far from family, our breaks are always spent visiting family. I'm not complaining, I absolutely adore visiting our family. But this year, I wanted to do an actual family trip! So we are going camping. In a tent.

I enjoy the outdoors. I am not a super huge fan of camping after our last trip, when a bear ran through the campground just past our tent. I have never felt so completely subject to something not in my control. And freaked. I didn't sleep so well after that. But my children love it, or what they remember of it. So camping it is.

I bought a lot of food that we don't normally eat. Juice boxes, snack crackers, granola bars, hot dogs, brauts...and oh so much more in preparation for this trip. Plenty of fruit also. I think the kids may actually be more excited about the food than the actual camping.

Of course, with budgeting in my veins, I wanted to know what kind of a budget we're working with. We are only camping a couple of nights, then going to visit with friends in Tennessee. I like to get on the same page, spending wise. Jon thought we needed $150 for food. I almost choked! So I told him let me buy some food (of course we'd need to anyways for camping) and then we can talk. My total was $30 so far. There is still more to buy, but this should be good for the entire camping trip, snacks while we travel and some while in Tennessee.

I'll try to keep you updated on how our food spending is going. I cannot, however, guarantee I will post frequently because service may be spotty! I will take lots of pictures and post them when I can! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to spend about $20 on band-aids and first aid kit supplies. I like to be prepared.

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