Monday, March 14, 2011

We're Alive!

We've always got a plan. For our trip, our plan was to camp in Arkansas and Tennessee before we hit Cleveland, TN to spend time with our friends. Thursday, due to a stellar Parent/Teacher Conference, we got a late start. It would've been too late to set up our campsite, so before we hit the road we got a hotel room. Packed up and ready to hit the road!

I'm pretty sure that I mentioned I'm not a huge camper. So I was not exactly thrilled with the idea, even though it was my idea. But my kids absolutely love nature and camping. After this trip, I will definitely do it more!
It was beyond beautiful on the top of the mountain.
Konnor loved helping Daddy pitch the tent and look for firewood.
We layered up as soon as the tent was done.
The trails were amazing. I cannot even begin to take a picture that would do this park justice.
I was given so many flowers hehe.
Our first night was a success. We had to sleep in the truck around midnight which I think contributed to the 5:30am wake up...I'm still recovering. But Jon had a strong french press coffee made on the camp fire that was amazing.

Thank you Jesus for Jon.

We had the best time. For Thursday and Friday, our food total was $52. That was for all of our meals and snacks for camping. And we have a lot left over that we'll be using while here in Tennessee. So far I've used 1/3 of my food budget. I'm keeping my receipts! Hope you're having a great spring break!

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