Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saving At Victory

I took Konnor and Liana with me on a jaunt this morning. We dropped Isabella off at school, went to the office and got registration paperwork for next year, went to the coffee shop and filled it out, went back to the school and registered, went to Bed Bath & Beyond, Marshall's, Ross and finally came home.


I'm tired just thinking about it.

Plus it's cold here. Hence, chili for dinner.

Why am I registering Isabella so early? Simple. To save $125.

She goes to a private Christian school. As you can imagine when you hear the words 'private' and 'Christian' and 'school' in the same sentence, money is not far behind. And probably lots of it. Such is the case with this school. I know quite a few people that want to send their children to this school but feel it is too expensive. I'm one of them!

There are a few tricks to saving money, even at Victory. First, the General Fees. At Victory you can save 50% if you enroll by April 28th. They range anywhere from $175 on up. For Isabella's age they are $250, so we saved $125.

Tuition- Victory has discounts if you pay by the semester of the year. A 2% discount if you opt for semester, and 3% if you opt for the full year.

New Student Referral- For each new student that starts at Victory because you have suggested it to them, or given them information, you get a $300-$500 credit after their first full semester. That means if a family of 5 starts there, you get $2500 off! For this credit to work, though, the new family must fill out a certificate with your name on it. They can be picked up at the main office. Why $300-$500? Well, it depends on the amount on the back of the certificate. Maybe more is offered at different times. I'd be looking for the $500 certificates!!!

Multiple Children Discount- The first child is full price, but the second child gets a 15% discount on tuition, the third gets a 30% discount, the fourth a 90% discount and any others are free. That is pretty awesome if you have 5 or more children!

Member Discount- If you are a member of Victory, you get $100 per child voucher. Which is less than 2% for the first child, but more than 2% for the second and others.

Work the discounts that are offered! If you're considering private school, ask them if they have any discounts. What's the worst thing that can happen, they say no? It's worth asking about.

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