Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tennessee Edition

When we left camping, we headed to Tennessee to spend time with some close friends. Living in Oklahoma (which is flat where we are) makes you really appreciate the beauty of the mountains of Tennessee.  We ended up staying in a hotel while we were in town that had breakfast. For our family, that saved us a minimum of $10 a day. When you're booking a hotel, keep in mind how much it will cost you for breakfast, a decent breakfast that won't make you hungry in an hour. If your room including that is less, than that's a good deal! And less of a hassle for you.
Living in Tennessee for 6 years (Jon lived there 8) we forged some pretty amazing bonds. Some live in our city, some stretch out across the country and world, but some remain in Cleveland. It was so wonderful to spend time with people that we love so much. I got to hold a baby (which made we want one), see a friend's new house, eat delicious food, spend girl time with old and new friends and catch up on the latest. The city has grown a lot since we lived there! 
The kids had a wonderful time making new friends, showing off, being spoiled by Mimi, riding horses and riding the train. We have heard nonstop about horses and trains. They were so sad to leave, that they cried when we told them it was time to go.
Konnor's train ride

Was there any bad? Maybe my leg muscles feeling like jelly after running 4 miles (hills are not easy) which I felt I had to do after the delish caramel pecan cake I ate. Maybe being sent home with a quarter of the delicious cake who's frosting I could eat for every meal.

My name's Carmen. I love sugar. Especially frosting.

On a serious note, though, my friend Janna had strep. So I only saw her...maybe for 3 hours total? We were looking forward to early breakfasts with all our kids and coffee, late night laugh fests, kids enjoying each other and the list is endless. Next time!

There's no question what I'd put here. Lydia Garrett. My friend whom I haven't seen in almost 2 years, whom I love dearly and whom I never got to hug and have coffee with. Next trip, I will hug Lydia!!!!

It was such a great leg of the trip. The kids really adore our close friends there and made new friends of their own. It was neat to bring them back to the place where it all began for our little family and share with them the people that were so much a part of our lives and remain such. They are already begging to redo the trip!

I haven't forgotten about my $150 food challenge. I will put that at the end of tomorrow's post!


  1. umm...are the girls getting a pedicure in that picture?!! If so, that is sooo awesome!!!! lol

  2. Yes! Can you believe it. I felt funny waking the girls up from their nap saying 'Get up. It's time to get your nails done with Mimi' ROFL!!!