Thursday, March 10, 2011

Save While Travelling

I have said over and over how planning is key (in my opinion) to making your budget work. That can be extended to almost every area.

Yesterday I posted how we are going camping, then to visit friends in Tennessee. We want this trip to be extremely fun packed, but don't want to spend outrageously. When I posted about websites I like, I mentioned Living Social. Again, a Groupon kind of deal. What I love about these websites, is they feature deals for cities all over the US. Living Social even posts vacation deals.

I have seriously been tempted to buy. $995 for 4 nights in Cancun for 2 people? Yes please!

Well, knowing where you are going to be can help you save money on the fun activities. Jon looked up Chattanooga, TN for deals on Living Social and they have a horseback riding lesson for $15 for 1 hour. Our girls have really been into horses lately, so they are going to flip when they find out they get to have riding lessons!!! And for 50% of the normal cost, I can be just as excited with them!

So if you know you're going to another city, and want to try and plan some activities, start having these websites send you deals for that city as far in advance as you can. You may just get lucky like we did!

Keep us in your prayers as we head out on our journey.

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