Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recap of Camping

Before I start on our camping trip, I want to revisit yesterday's post. I was using Huggies for an example. Little did I know they actually are on sale! And there is a Target coupon for $2.50 off. Click here to print out the TQ (find it quickly under the Baby category), which you can print twice. Click here to print out a Manufacturer coupon for $2 off 1 package of Huggies which you can also print twice. That would make them $8- $2.50 TQ-$2MQ = $3.50 plus tax per package. You don't have to do different transactions either. I recommend handing them one at a time to make sure the full amount is deducted.

 Well, it was an amazing adventure. We are home, for the most part unpacked and completely enjoying the spring weather we came home to. I love the smell of spring, especially when my whole house can smell like it!

I got a lot of great photos! And I think I'm going to make the kids a small photo book of our trip. I have a credit at Picaboo that I need to use!
We had so. much. fun. I am not one for camping, normally, but this trip changed my mind. The scenery was breathtaking, the trails were kid friendly and not one time did I ever feel unsafe. We had plenty of food (enjoyed a high fat meal of hot dogs and brauts) and drinks that we brought with. I had a whole crate of just food and utensils. Another plus, we were on the top of the mountain, so at night you could see the city below.
 Since this was very new to the kids, they were totally excited, the whole time. Which is what we want! But not around the campfire while we're cooking the hot dogs.

Another negative...I love Boy Scouts, but not a whole troop camped pretty close to us. They don't have the bedtime my kids, and even I have. They were going strong at 10 PM.
It was so cold at night. We were going to bring the hot water bottle (but I forgot) so Jon threw big rocks into the fire. They  got hot & he wrapped them in towels and put them in our beds. He's pretty much awesome! But around midnight, I hadn't stopped shivering (says he) so we got the kids and all piled into the truck for the rest of the night. It warmed up fast and we only woke up once to warm it up again, four hours later.
But look at those views!!! The good definitely outweighed the bad and ugly, such as they were. We learned a couple of things that we would do different next time, but had such a fantabulous time that I would do it over in a heartbeat!

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