Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Movie Night for $9

Right now on Living Social (click here), you can buy 2 movie tickets for $9. This is a great deal!!!! I got a deal similiar to this for Jon and I to go on a date. We saw the movie on IMAX 3D which was amazing!

Details to Know:
You have to buy the tickets off when you go to use your deal (it is actually through them) so there can be a convenience fee. When I got this deal before, I paid $11 for the two tickets. Sometimes the total value is applied (in this case it would be $30) but not always. So be prepared to pay $2-4 more than $9.

The first day you can use the deal is tomorrow, so keep in mind you can't go tonight.

Remember, if you buy the deal then forward it to 3 friends that buy it too, you get yours for free!

Go get it!

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