Thursday, April 14, 2011

$30 at Aldi

I have seen normal, everyday people leave Aldi with an entire cart overflowing with groceries. One time, I did also. But my mom & dad paid, and it included a cart full of 'Nana & Papa' buys.* Read fruit snacks, pizza, ice cream, cookies, etc.* On a normal basis though, I spend around $20-40 dollars there per week. Today I spent $30.

Let me just say, I did not buy any meat. Because we bought a quarter cow, we don't buy beef. I do buy chicken when it's on sale, though. And fish when we decide to mix it up a bit.

Also, I bought a few things I never buy because of the upcoming Easter party at Isabella's school. I love making cupcakes to celebrate Jesus' resurrection! And I bought chips and LOTS of tortillas because we're having company. All of the extras that wouldn't have been in my cart added up to $8. Still not bad!

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