Friday, April 29, 2011

Patience Is A Virtue

I am not a very patient person. In Bible College, I'd always say how patience is not one of my virtues. Really. It isn't/wasn't. But something happened when I had kids. My patience began to grow.

Thank You Jesus. I'm sure my kids are thanking Him too.

I admit when I painted our bathroom last year, and the kids' bathroom a few months ago, and our living room and then broke my toe, that it would leave me for a time. I'm soooo ready to get going with running a marathon or half marathon. But I've learned that if I want something done right, I have to take the time to do it right. Or let it heal right.

In the same respect, if I want something that I can't afford, I need to take time to wait. What is it Dave Ramsey always says...One definition of maturity is the ability to delay pleasure.

There's a trench coat that I've wanted For.Ev.Er. from The Limited. It's so super cute, but $150. So yeah, that wasn't happening. I mean, if I had $150 for a trench, great! But I didn't. So I was at The Limited last week searching (without much luck) for a shirt for Easter. I came across the trench I wanted that was less than half the original price. Still too expensive for my budget. BUT!!! They were taking an extra 40% off every purchase!

I totally bought that coat.

And the best part, I actually had the budget money to buy it! Makes a person feel great.

That's how I buy the kids' clothes, if not from a garage sale. I'll wait until department stores have a major sale, and then usually I have a percentage off coupon to couple with it. They may not have this second's style (because it changes about 4 times during each season!), but they're okay with that. For now, hehe.


  1. Um. Was that the trench you wore on Easter?!! Because I totally noticed it...and wanted it! lol I just LOVE The Limited and their sales.

  2. Why yes it was!!! I loved it as soon as I saw it but couldn't buy it. Their sales are completely awesome. 2 summers ago I got a crazy amount of clothes for under $100 bucks. And they aren't too young or too old.