Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Save Money Without Coupons

I have a lot of friends that don't use coupons. I myself don't use coupons a whole lot, but I do use them if I can to stretch my dollars. It is still possible to save money!

*First* Be aware of what you're paying. Sometimes Sam's can seem like a terrific bargain until you realize you're paying $.45 a roll for toilet paper when you could buy it on sale for $.25 a roll. Know what you like, and what you've paid for it.

Chicken breast is a great example. Most generally, it is around $1.98-2.29 per pound. Wal Mart's Good Value bags of 2.5 pounds are $6 (here) which equates to $2.40 per pound. Yikes! On sale, at Reasor's, it goes down to $1.58 per pound. When it goes on sale, I moved around my budget and meals so that I can afford about 10 pounds of chicken- which is a $4 savings minimum. Then I like to freeze each breast in it's own baggie, or foil. It's much easier to thaw, and I don't feel like I have to make chicken every night for a week because I have to thaw an entire 5 pound package.

*Second* Utilize the price matching. Wal Mart will price match right at the register (have the ad with you and ready as they scan the item) making it super easy. I've never had problems with it. Target's price matching is a bit less friendly. You have to pay, then take your receipt and ad to Customer Service where they refund the difference. A little more work and when you have kids in tow it's not appealing for saving a dollar. $2 on the other hand, well that's an Americano!

*Third* Shop around if you can. Walgreens, Wal Mart and Reasors are all on my way to and from dropping Isabella off at school so I'm not using gas by going somewhere I don't need to. Aldi is not on my way, but is right next to Super Target. If Aldi has great produce prices, I will make the 10 minute trip and stop by Target if they something I need. Especially because we eat A LOT of fruit and vegetables.

Groceries can get out of control. Especially with costs on the rise. But with a little planning and purposeful buying, you can work your money.

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