Sunday, April 10, 2011


The kids have a book called 'The Last Straw' about a camel that the Three Wise Men use to travel to see the Baby Jesus. In this book, the camel is continually complaining to himself about his aches and pains.

"My joints, my gaut, my sciatia."

I feel like Hushmakaka today. On Friday night I broke my toe. I kicked a ladder that I left up for painting. So I cry (which I never do) and it's hurting like crazy. On Saturday I accidentally kick the same toe on the door.

How? Have no idea.

So last night I wrap my toes in an attempt to help it heal straight. This morning Jon made a splint and wrapped it for me. There was a point sticking out a bit that I caught on the carpet and pulled the wrapped, splinted toes bruising up my foot.

See, I'm like Hushmakaka.

So now I'm chair ridden. Jon won't let me up for a couple of days, save the essential needs. I'm hoping this helps it heal faster. The average 4-6 weeks heal time puts me right at my half marathon...I don't even want to think about that!

So we'll file this one, also, under Life's Lessons Learned...The Hard Way.

P.S. Any tips on helping my toe heal faster are most welcome!

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