Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Broken!

Well, I went to the doctor on Friday, just to make sure it was only my toe that I'd hurt. An hour and 3 x-rays later I was told 'No half marathon'. It was broken clean diagonally.

I'm not gonna lie, I cried.

I've been training since the end of November and am only 6 weeks away! So my player to the right is gone. No longer necessary. It's so irritating for someone to say 'Well, you never know what could have happened if you ran it' or 'All things work together for the good of those that love Him'.

Let me take a moment, I just threw up in my mouth.

I absolutely know that bad things can happen, but I'm not going to live in fear of that and do nothing. Plus I'd rather something happen while I'm running instead of not even getting to try. I know people try to make you feel better, but being spiritual doesn't help. Kind of like when people say 'Well now they aren't suffering anymore' when someone passes. That doesn't make it feel better! Just say you're sorry and give a hug. Grieve with the person!

For me, my dream was just killed. I won't be able to run my half marathon before I turn 30.

Ok, I'm done with the pity party!

Trying to be a half full kind of girl, maybe I'll try to do a full marathon before the end of the year. Who knows! I do know that we've spent a little more money than normal on food. Jon's had to make dinners a few times hehe. He's a great cook, really. Hamburger Helper is awesome.

I hope your weekend was great and full of fun! Happy Monday!


  1. Okay. That is really sad!! But you know...all things work togeth...hehe just kidding! I don't like it when people get all spiritual like that either. But I am sorry about your toe and not being able to run =/

  2. NOOOO!!! CARM!!! What a setback =( I know it's a big disappointment. If relation helps, I missed a triathlon because I tore my groin ¨pumping the brakes in an old car.¨ Uncool + awkward to explain to my fan club. Messed up goals can really do a number on us.

    But YOU KNOW you're right about planning for another race. Injuries happen to all athletes, even if it didn't happen in the game. It's not the death of your dream, just a frustrating delay. Your training is still valuable!
    All you need to do is keep up with strength training and flexibility until your tootsie is ready for action again. If the big race doesn't go down before the big 30, you can make up another holiday to shoot for. Besides, in Korea you're already 31 =) Forget those numbers for once budgetista, make your own milestones. Long live the dream!

  3. & put your mp3 player back up! gee whizz.
    this is Lydia by the way, different account

  4. Thanks girls. Any tips on strength training Lyd? I've thought yoga, but I need my toes for that lol!!! It is feeling better, I'm not limping so badly. Hallelujah.

  5. Yes, this is what I would try:
    -Pilates are good for strengthening your core, and a lot of moves let you sit or lay down and wave your feet in the air. That should be toe-friendly as long as you don't hit anything.
    -Aerobics, just pick and choose which moves you can do. Even if its mostly upper body, getting your heart rate up is the point. Also, if you don't have to wear a boot you can look for exercises that don't require bending around the toe joint. For example, lunges would not work bc you step forward and bend the back foot. Squats might because you are supposed to be pushing with the heel anyway. Just google for workout moves or videos and experiment gently.
    Weights - if you have access to weights or machines you can target almost all muscle groups without using feet.
    Last & most important is probably stretching. Do all the stretches you can every day to keep blood flowing and muscles flexible. This will make it MUCH EASIER when you start running again.
    When the toe recovers ask the doc when you can start stretching it individually, so it doesn't heal stiff.