Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday, Monday

The Mamas & The Papas are in my head with their song right now.

'Every other day (every other day) Every other day...'

It's in your head too, now, isn't it?

It's the day after Easter! Hit up those stores for candy and next year's baskets and activities!
By far, my favorite photo from yesterday
 My children have far too much candy. What in the world do we do with it all?! We actually still have some candy from halloween in Isabella's bag. So we have a plethora here.
My cute kittens

One of my good friends had a great idea. Freeze some for summer! Around here, we have a movie theater that does free movies 3 mornings a week. The concessions are not free of course, but we take our own candy. If we go with our friend, we'll buy the large combo and fill the kids' cups and bowls and get a free refill.

I may make M&M sugar cookies. There is a candy cupcake recipe I've been wanting to try too. I could take that to my MOPS Mom's Night Out tonight. The possibilities are endless! What do you do with your leftover candy?

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