Saturday, April 23, 2011

Long Weekend Fun

Yesterday was Good Friday. Isabella didn't have school due to a 'Professional Day' for the teachers. I was thanking Jesus for that day off. Last week was SAT's. Around here, that means early bedtime, early waking and everything being in order. The last part is hard for me. I've learned to embrace some of the chaos around here. But the days had to be orderly, so they were. I'm a team player.

We have an Aquarium membership which has been a huge blessing. For $85, two adults and up to 4 kids can visit any time. When Isabella was homeschooling, we went probably once a week. Since we live in Jenks, though, we get the membership for half price. Bonus!!! So due to the day out of school, that's where we went with some friends.

It can be difficult to have kids home from school. They're so used to doing something all the time, which is fine if the weather is great, but that's not a guarantee. I always try to keep a good craft on hand.

The peel and stick foam pieces are amazing! Last year (after Easter sometime) I was at Joann's Fabric Store and ran across an egg peel and stick kit. It had 60 eggs and lots of stickers to decorate them. Regularly $7.99, it was on sale for $1.99. Did I grab it? You betcha!

They worked on those babies for almost an hour.

Isabella was done first, which was not surprising, but once she saw Liana writing on her eggs a whole new idea formed. So she got her eggs and went to work on them again.

Liana is quite methodical in her approach. She didn't want to even start decorating her eggs until she had all of her supplies. Plus a pen. Pen's are not part of the deal with Liana, because I have pen drawings on everything in my house practically. It hasn't quite clicked that we draw on paper.

Konnor also had something distinct in mind. First, he did not want any girl colored stickers. So he traded with Liana for the blues and yellows. For some reason pink eggs were ok. Then he took his eggs and the little 'ribbon' stickers and made train tracks. So boy. So cute. So he made his eggs into train tracks that love to lay right across my keyboard.
Sunday is Easter! That means Monday will begin the slashing of prices on Easter themed products. Candy will go first. But look at the little toys and fillers. Think ahead. Do you have birthday parties coming up? Treat bags for school? If you want to stock up on Easter toys for next year, think of fabric stores like Joann's or Hobby Lobby. Sometimes the best finds are in the least likely of places.

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