Friday, April 1, 2011

Returning An Item

Today I'm going to return a dress to Kohl's. It's a beautiful navy blue dress that I absolutely love (I'm super into jewel tones!) but that in all honesty I'll never wear. The regular price was $78, I paid $13 for it. That makes it harder to was soooooooo inexpensive!!!!

But it's not a good deal if it never gets used. If I'm honest with myself, there are things about the dress that I don't like. I'm a taller person, and the top puts my hips about 2 inches higher than where they are. I don't actually like the pockets, but you can't really see them.

That's the end of my dislike list.

So I'm forcing myself to take it back. Luckily I got the dress from Kohl's where you don't need your receipt, just the card you purchased it on. They truly do have one of the best return processes ever! They aren't lying in their commercials.

Friday has become our 'coffee date' morning. We all load up and drop Isabella off at school, then hit a coffee shop and have as much quality time as we can with two other little kiddos in tow. Then I have errands to run. I absolutely love Fridays!!!

Have a terrific day. Try to not fall prey to any April Fool's Day jokes *hehe*.

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